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The Victory Platinum Trainer™ would be just at home in a modern art gallery as it would a commercial fitness facility. Designed with a minimalistic flare this unit features a metal outer skin fastened to an inner aluminum frame with stainless steel bolts. The weight stacks and moving components are encased in a composite cover giving the unit a clean airfoil design offering incredible strength and rigidity. The Victory Platinum Trainer™ is designed for the individual or boutique fitness facility who wants the best in design and function. But don’t let the looks fool you. The Victory Platinum Trainer has all the features of the Victory Master Trainer. This unit can be fully customized to the clients’ specifications.

Product Features

Converging Arm Features:

-Each arm is independently adjustable allowing for multiple users
-Can be used as a plate loaded unit or as a weight stack unit
-Naturally converging press arms promote full muscular development
-Rotary movement mimics natural range of motion reducing joint stress
-Angled handle design reduces wrist pressure
-Long handles allow for a wide range of grip widths 

Carriage Features:

-Laser cut numbered adjustment points
-Patented bearing tensioning system minimizes flex
-Dual steel counterweights for ease of adjustment
-Intuitive easy access pop pin location enables adjustments from inside the machine
-Heavy duty commercial bearings and shafts provide incredible durability
-Wide range of vertical adjustments provides limitless exercise variability 

Functional Trainer Features:

-Patented cable and pulley system for unmatched exercise variability and performance
-Counter rotating pulley design enables precise pulley tracking of each exercise
-Vertically adjustable to over 40 positions spaced 1.75” apart
-A 2-1 pulley ratio guarantees smooth, predictable and consistent resistance over the entire exercise range
-Lower cables routed inside frame for safety
-Designed to accommodate dual cable pressing and pulling movements as well as single cable attachment exercises

Rack Features:

-Quick adjust J-hooks and spotter attachments
-Open design allows for the use of longer benches
-Plate storage included 
-Composite wear protection for J-hooks and spotter attachments
-Closed loop pullup station provides band attachments points
-J-hooks can be mounted above or below press arms for maximum rack adjustability
-Move seamlessly between free weight exercises and cable movements for the ultimate in training effectiveness
Technical data
  • Overall Product Dimensions:
    74”L x 50”W x 88”H
  • Weight:
    1400 lbs

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