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At Victory Fitness we love to train…it’s our passion. We are also driven by excellence and innovation. The Victory Master Press Select is a result of that desire to be the best. Built on the same platform as the Victory Master Press, the Select unit pushes the boundaries of what was thought possible. Featuring dual weight stacks and the most advanced patented cable system available, the Master Press Select performs all the exercises as the Master Press while adding full functional trainer capabilities. The Selects dual weight stacks provide resistance to each converging press arm as well as the rotating pulley assemblies. The result is more exercises per square foot than any other machine. Understanding that free weights aren’t always preferred, this unit was designed specifically for applications requiring optimal function and versatility while providing a level of safety that only weight stack driven equipment can provide.

Product Features

Converging Arm Features:

-Weight stack resistance is convenient and safe
-Independent arm motion builds strength and size evenly
-Rotary arm pivots simulate natural exercise movements
-Converging arm path allows for improved range of motion while minimizing joint stress
-Angled handle design reduces wrist pressure

Carriage Features:

-Laser cut numbered adjustment points
-Counterweight system provides easy adjustments of the press arms and functional training system
-Simple to operate intuitive paddle style adjustment handle
-Linear bearing system provides easy and predictable carriage height adjustements

Functional Trainer Features:

-Rotating pulley systems precisely follow the users' movements providing complete exercise freedom
-Designed to properly align the shoulder, elbows and wrists during cable pressing exercises
-Lower cables are routed inside the leg tubes for safety
-Combines traditional pressing and ground-based exercises with functional trainer-based movements
-Dual weight stacks provide consistent resistance along the entire exercsie range of motion
-Move seamlessly between pressing and cable exercises

Details + Dimensions

  • Overall Product Dimensions:
    64”L x 52.5”W x 78”H
  • Weight:
    1300 lbs

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